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Moulismes, village population c400, lies on Route Nationale RN147 between Poitiers and Limoges, in the departement Vienne (86). A half hours drive east is the Brenne, departement Indre (36), an area well-known for it's diverse wildlife, but much of the same flora and fauna can be found around Moulismes; and a few species are more easily found here. The southern Vienne countryside is subtly different from that of the Brenne, but in both areas farms are mostly non-corporate and small by UK standards. Sheep, cattle, maize, sunflowers and vegetables are the principle produce, along with cereal production. There is much woodland, many small etangs (lakes), and plenty of marginal land, unimproved meadows and pasture. Most etangs in the Vienne are too small to be of any wildlife interest, but the older more established ones, and the few larger ones, are prime wildlife habitat. The Brenne has many large etangs, and fish-farming is a major source of income. Most woodland is privately owned, but some larger ones belong to local authorities and have public access. The maize prairie provides habitat for finches and migrating cranes when the stubble is left until spring. In the unimproved meadows, many butterfly and insect species can be found, and an established etang may hold up to 20 odonata species

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This website

On the following pages are lists of some of the species that can be seen in the southern Vienne/Brenne. A few have specialized habitat requirements, for example calcareous-loving species, but most are widespread.
Hopefully this website will be of use to visitors and local residents alike, as a guide to what you can expect to see. The emphasis throughout is to encourage people to explore and find their own delights. Even if visiting for a week, using IGN maps Cartes de randonees, and local sentiers (footpath) maps, free from the local Marie (Mayors office), many species listed here can be seen. I know residents near here who've seen species I've not yet seen - which just makes the learning curve more enjoyable. If there are any mistakes with identification, they are entirely mine; please let me know through the Contact me/Acknowledgements section.

Images, concept, etc.

Clearly this is not a purely ‘photographic' website and was never meant to be one, rather an info resource for those living or staying in the area. However, I have gradually built up a collection of images taken locally since January 2006, which to be honest are mainly for my own reference and may be of little interest to others. Basically the collection is an on-line database of what I’ve photographed since moving here. Consequently there is the odd 'record shot', usually distant photos of rare birds, digiscoped shots, and numerous images of the same species – Common Buzzard and Heath Fritillary being two examples. Both of these show a great variety of colour and markings as do other species I’ve repeatedly photographed. Virtually all images are simple 'identification shots', which I guess can make viewing a little tedious, but if it can help in the identification of, for example, a damselfly then mission accomplished. With ‘difficult’ species there may well be observational notes on the pop-up – I use these personally as reminders, but hopefully they can be of use to others also. Generally they are aide memoire-type comments gleaned from the main references, plus observational comments of my own.


6/7/2015 - Au revoir Moulismes... après 10 ans nous passons à la recherche de nouveaux horizons. Un grand merci à tous nos amis en Moulismes qui ont rendu notre séjour très agréable. Je vais continuer avec le site web Moulismes Nature d'après notre nouvel emplacement à environ une heure à Lignac, Brenne (36).
Goodbye Moulismes... after 10 years we move on to pastures new. A big thanks to all our friends in Moulismes who made our stay so very enjoyable. I will continue with the website Moulismes Nature from our new location about an hour away at Lignac, Brenne (36).



Colchicum autumnale, Meadow Saffron


Saulge, Bois de l'Hospice

Saulge, Bois de l'Hospice

Vieux Moulismes 3

Saulge, Etang de Beaufour

Maize stubble, Saulge

The Brenne, 'Land of a thousand lakes'...

Brenne, 'thousand lakes'

Brenne, Cherine NR

Brenne, Saulnay

Brenne in winter

Winter skies, Brenne

Freshwater spring, Brenne