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Acknowledgements - A big thanks to those who have helped in the past and those who continue to help with species identification, site info, etc.

Ducept, Samuel - 6 pattes for help with identification of moths/butterflies and for correcting some original errors

Faupin, Gregory - formerly of LPO Vienne

LPO Vienne - Poitiers

Male-Malherbe, Eric - formerly of R N Cherine, who helped with two odonata sites in the Brenne

Smallshire, Dave - Devon, UK, for help and encouragement with all things odonata

Vienne Nature

Warrilow, Pete, and Nolan, Gill - La Chaume, Rosnay, for good company and sharing site info in the Brenne

Wells, Barry - Barry Wells Wildlife Photography for site info and all things photographic

Williams, Tony - LPO La Brenne

Williamson, Thomas - formerly of LPO Vienne

Young, Stephen and Una - formerly of Belabre, for originally introducing us to the Brenne and Vienne